The SSLPi test client

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The SSLPi test client

Copy the file server.pem from the raspberry pi to your client.
This file you have to copy and provide your clients with it. This one is the key to establish a communication with the server.

Without it, the server would reject any communication attempt.

To start the client type

$ python -s „Your_Serveraddress“ -p „PortNumber“-c server.pem

The command and options are $ python [Option] with [Option] -s Server IP address or Domain Name -p port Port Number -c CertFile certificate file (also specify the full path if the cert file isn't in the same directory)

if now options are specified the programm will take following default values:

-s Server   = '' 
-p port     = 10023 
-c CertFile = 'server.pem'

An example for a typical call:

$ python -s -p 10023 -c server.pem